Pool Cooler Products

Summer heat making your pool too warm? Have you wondered if there is a pool cooling system that is affordable and easy to install?

Take control with your own cooling tower.

  • Cools while your filtering system runs.
  • No extra cost to operate
  • Directional sprayer fits your pool
  • Installs and removes in seconds.*
  • Connects to either in-ground or above-ground pools.
  • Will not interefere with the swimming area.
  • Kids love it!

How Does Our Pool Cooling System Work?

The Pool Cooler provides a low cost, simple to install, readily detachable and low maintenance way to control the temperature of your pool. The misting or multiple-flow aspects of the takes advantage of the cooling effect of evaporation by introducing quantities of water vapor or mist into the atmosphere – evaporative cooling diverts a portion of the total amount of pool water to be cooled through a header pipe and then to a vertical member containing a multitude of orifices. The flow of the water through the orifices creates a misting effect facilitating evaporative cooling.

So if you are looking for a pool cooling system that really works, Pool Cooler is the logical choice. Our system comes in two varieties.

Pool Cooling Systems for Above Ground Pools
Pool Cooling Systems for Inground Pools

Buy Pool Cooler for Inground Pools | Buy Pool Cooler for Above Ground Pools

*Initial installation under 5 minutes.